“STRONGER” a music video about bullying

After launching the PreventBullyingTulsa site earlier this week we received an email from a young musician in Canada who has written a powerful song about bullying. Take a look!

From Megan Landry

I’m 15 and Canadian. I write a lot of songs. I consider myself an artist as much as I am a musician because I do a lot of other types of artwork. Songwriting and composing music though is what I love the most. I’ve been playing piano since I was four and writing music since I was eleven. I also play some guitar and drums. I’ve won a few songwriting competitions, and I’ve established a fairly good following on YouTube. I’m starting to love the performing side of my music and really enjoy making my own videos. As a musician, making videos is a must, so I’m working hard at acting too. I believe you always grow, no matter how much you do, there’s always room to get better, and learn more.

My bully story is simple. I was the target of mean girl stuff in grade 8 and part of grade 9. It’s an awful feeling not knowing when they will make fun of you and exclude you and give you dirty looks. They used to be my friends. Everybody gets bullied though at some point, it’s a power thing. If you look scared or show it bothers you … your done! I learned that one quickly. And that’s what inspired me to write this song. They will never tear me down. I will only get stronger. I won’t say it doesn’t hurt but I’m not going to be anyones victim either. I hope my song will give other kids the power “to look right over their heads”. Because in the end bullying is really about power. Why give anyone that satisfaction over you! I didn’t, and I won’t and I hope more and more kids don’t either.

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