Together, Tulsa says "NO" to bullying! We challenge you to help us by sharing what you do to prevent bullying. Upload a video or photo of yourself or organization and use this hashtag #bullyingisnotOK! Together we can stand up against bullying!

Posted by PreventBullyingTulsa.org on Friday, August 11, 2017

The BullyingIsNotOK hashtag was created by Anti-Bullying Collaboration partners in 2017. Our hope is to align bullying prevention efforts across the state of Oklahoma utilizing the #BullyingIsNotOK

Please help spread the word #BullyingIsNotOK!


Special Thanks to Neile Jones and Tulsa’s Channel 8 – KTUL for Our Recent Interview!  #BullyingIsNotOK 

What is bullying? What are the signs? How do you help?  



We do not accept bullying as normal adolescent behavior.  Use these thought provoking tools to lead a discussion challenging that mindset! 


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