October is Bullying Prevention Month!

October is Bullying Prevention Month!  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 11th as “Bullying Prevention Day” for Oklahoma. Please encourage students, staff, volunteers, and community partners to wear a yellow shirt promoting bullying awareness and prevention on that day.

Why not designate the entire week of Monday, October 10th to plan some exciting student and teacher led bullying prevention activities for your entire building? Perhaps run a “Campaign for Kindness” as this election season continues to escalate? How about creating bullying prevention themes for each day defining bullying and other anti-social behaviors, discussing how students can take leadership roles preventing bullying among their peers, and learning how to report bullying at school and home?

October is a great time to take necessary steps toward getting your Safe School Committee up and running with staff, students, and community representatives. For the record in 2015, 20% of our youth in grades 9 to 12 told us they were bullied while at school and 14% told us they were bullied while online (Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey).

School Resources Guide

Non-Profit and Community Partners – Bullying Prevention Week Flyer

Non-Profit and Community Partners Bullying Prevention Month Flyer

ABC Prevention Facts and Tips Flyer

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