KJRH: 2 Works for You Against Bullying

How can we prevent students from being the victim of a bully.

TULSA – It’s a staggering statistic.  According to Center for Disease Control, 20 percent of high school students will be bullied.

These days the kids who are bullied are acting out, and sometimes violently.

Jennifer Livingston is the Wisconsin news anchor who re-ignited the conversation about what is acceptable. And she put bullying front and center.

“If you are at home and you are talking about the fat news lady, guess what? Your children are probably going to go to school and call someone fat,” Jennifer said.

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  1. Hi , I’m trying to find out when and where the bully meeting is to happen at Nathan Hale High or Jr High. Please let me know , so I can go. I have a pre K child who is being bullied. Many Thanks, Heather.

    1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch! The Anti-Bullying Town Hall Meeting is tomorrow night from 7 – 8:30 at Hale Junior High.. We’ll be posting info on the front page in a few minutes…

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