Fall 2017 No Cost to Low Cost Bullying Prevention Guide for Schools

Preventing bullying and the mistreatment of others should be woven into the fabric of every organization working with children, youth and adults. We are all in the “people business.” Our treatment of others matters from the playground, to the break room, to the board room and beyond. One practical step we can take toward creating an inclusive environment is to recognize that being nice counts, but friendship matters even more. Don’t pass up the opportunity to greet those around you with a warm smile and friendly hello. But purpose to take next steps by getting to know someone new especially a person in need of a friend. As adults, let’s take the lead by modeling this type of behavior for our children and students at every opportunity. It’s hard knowing that not everyone will be your friend, and that can be a challenging conversation to have with a child. However, the truth is everyone needs a friend. And one good friend can be a powerful support! Take time to be a friend today. Someone is counting on you.

Sincerely, Steve Hahn ABC Director

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