Action Alert HB 2790 Bullying Prevention

HB 2790 will be heard Thursday, March 10th.
Author: Rep. Claudia Griffith
Co-Author: Rep. Lee Denney 

unnamedPlease contact your Representative (Find My Legislator) today by phone to show your support for HB 2790 – amending Oklahoma’s definition of Bullying to reflect a prevention mindset.  Let them know that you support bullying prevention among Oklahoma students!

Make your voice be heard:

  • Share your story and share why bullying prevention is important to you.
  • The new language promotes a prevention mindset by:
    • Clarifying and strengthening a school’s ability to investigate suspected incidents of bullying regarding power imbalances that are observed or perceived.
    • Identifying bullying the first time it happens, steps can be taken to prevent future incidents of bullying.


Bullying and Harmful Outcomes 2

  • Youth who are bullied are:
    • More likely to experience a decrease in academic achievement, GPA and standardized test scores, and school participation.
    • More likely to miss, skip, or drop out of school.
    • At higher risk of being physically harmed, depressed, anxious, stressed, have a negative view of school, and suicidal thoughts.


1. 2015 Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey

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